Support Our Schools

Support Our Schools

Help your favorite school, church, or other non-profit place of education and worship to help them purchase equipment, supplies, and services for the purpose of teaching.

Funding for educational and athletic programs continues to be a challenge for schools. In light of increasing costs and decreasing budget dollars many programs have been eliminated from school curriculums.

To help ensure that the children of our communities have every possible advantage in their education, Econofoods and SpartanNash Company are pleased to offer their "Support Our Schools" program. The program itself is very simple. Econofoods shoppers need only save their cash register receipt tapes, designate which school they would like credited for them and mail their accumulated receipt tapes to their respective school. When the participating schools have collected $150,000 in receipt tapes the SpartanNash Company will issue, in the name of the school, a check totaling $1,000 that may be used to purchase text books, teaching aids, athletic equipment, etc.

Tips for a successful program:

  • Organize tape drive competitions between classrooms.
  • Compete with other schools.
  • Award class with the most tapes a pizza party.
  • Put announcement in school paper.
  • Require cash register tape for admission to school dance.
  • Put notice on student report card.
  • Post results chart in lunch room or classroom.
  • Use take-home letter.
  • Recognize tape drive leaders in student assembly.

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